Agile Development

Session from the ATD Kentuckiana Day of Learning on September 2, 2015

How to Deliver New Content Every Two Weeks:
Adopting Agile Development

Does the notion of delivering new training content every two weeks appeal to you? I’m sure it does to your stakeholders. As training professionals, we’re always being asked to deliver content as soon as possible, often with unreasonable deadlines or unclear requirements. Traditional project management methodologies can take a long time and be inflexible when it comes to requirements and timelines. That’s where agile development comes in, allowing you to build processes that empower teams, clarify requirements, set realistic expectations, and build your stakeholders’ confidence in your team.

This session will give the basics of agile development for newcomers, give some tips and tricks for the transition traditional project management and content development strategies to agile development. Also, participants will be grouped into agile teams and assign roles, to complete a “mini sprint” in record time, from planning to demo.

In this session, you will learn to…

  • Articulate the benefits of using agile for eLearning.
  • Define basic agile terms and identify the roles needed in agile development.
  • Apply agile methods for content planning, development, and demonstration to their own content.

Track: Methodologies and Technologies

Level: Basic

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How to Deliver New Content Every Two Weeks: Adopting Agile Development