Creative Nonfiction

“The Death of the Whale,” New Madrid (2012)

“Kitchens,” Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel 14: America (2011)

“Squirt,” Still: The Journal 7 (2011)

“In the Wind,” Still: The Journal 4 (2010)

“Out Hoboin’ Around,” Nantahala Review 4:1 (2009)


Short Fiction

“The Mantis and the Hummingbird,” Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel 16: Tricksters, Truthtellers, and Lost Souls (2014)

“Coal Dust,” Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel 15: Apocalachia: Apocalypse in Appalachia (2013)

“Inspiration Point,” Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel 13: Vultures (2009)

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