National Poetry Month

It’s National Poetry Month again, a time when people write a poem a day. Or at least that’s what folks have been doing in Lexington, Ky. I’ve known folks who were doing it before we were all on social media, and I can still recall seeing some of former Kentucky Poet Laureate Frank X Walker‘s poems appear in their first raw form on Facebook.

There have been websites for a few years with daily prompts, which I’ve never been good at following. BUT this year, we have a local source of prompts, so that I can be writing alongside my wonderful community

The Wild Fig Books & Coffee (owned by writers Crystal Wilkinson and Ron Davis) is great at supporting writers and building our local writing community. During NaNoWriMo, they hosted regular writing times; throughout the year, they have regular readings for all ages, literary salons, and even yoga. Plus their food and beverages are phenomenal. I love to sneak some time there in the morning. It’s a really productive writing spot for me.

Even though I was traveling when April started, I read the prompts and started taking notes, working toward poems. I used to fancy myself a poet, before that magical age of 25 when the thought of being a quarter-century old blew my mind (and now, I’m to that dreaded stage called “middle aged”). My creative writing undergrad was focused on poetry, so it was all I did for my young writing life. Though I turned into a prose writer, my goal is always poetry–in my images, rhythms, word choices, and breaths.

So I’m challenging myself to write as many poems in April as I can, maybe not one a day, but more than one this month. Every poem is a victory when you’re out of practice.

If you want to write alongside me and all the other poetry lovers in Lexington, check out the daily prompts on The Wild Fig’s Facebook page.

Happy National Poetry Month!

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